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Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday! If you’re looking to make an impact with your business, try Metal Business Cards. OR offer your customers a VIP Experience with Metal Cards.

National Handbag Day Oct 10

What’s in your handbag? Make it worth sharing, worth talking about. Make it a Metal Kard.  We make cards that make an impact, are a fashion accessory, and accent the personality of the presenter.

White Metal Business Cards

We use only the best stainless steel for only the best metal business cards, with a brilliant white coating these cards really shine. Let the steel show through for a dynamic effect, here’s a card we did with brushed stainless steel underneath a layer of white.

Gold Business Cards

Gold Finish Business Cards You’ve searched for them and now the best finish available, short of going with real gold, is now available! Our Gold Finish Business Cards are a brass metallic finish that looks just like real gold!

Polished Chrome Metal Business Cards

Polished Chrome Metal Business Cards are the high end elegant option for any Executives arsenal. You’re a marketing king,  a networking afficianado, and not just “anyone” can get your card. You only hand out to the real deals, and when you had out your card it better shine. That’s where polished chrome metal business cards […]


Brushed Gold Business Cards

Brushed gold finish business cards add a unique spin to your metal business cards; set yourself apart from the rest with a finish that has impeccable personality when applied to any industry. Our brushed gold finish over genuine stainless steel works great with a very sturdy, weathered look, like your cards have survived the test […]