Etched Copper Metal Business Cards

Etched Copper Metal CardsEtched Copper Metal Cards

Etched Copper Metal Cards

Featuring standard etching front, white silkscreen back and custom cut-out shapes.

Want to get your logo on Etched Copper Metal Cards? Easily build in our cart – Order Etched Copper Cards.

These Brushed Copper Metal Cards combine luxury, creativity, and a distinct shape for a very unique card. Using custom cutouts, we created a copper metal business card that looks just like a comb for a beauty salon – and that is not the only custom shape we can do! Feel free to reach out to us to see what custom shape or cutouts we can add to your metal card.

Our .5mm Etched Brushed Copper, similar to Brushed Rose Gold, features our standard etching and one color printing, white silkscreen. While we used standard etching to engrave the company name and variable data on the front of the card, we used white silkscreen on the back to create a signature block, allowing the customer to sign their own loyalty card.

If you are interested in getting Engraved Metal Loyalty cards, we can absolutely help design these! Surprise your customers with unique one of a kind loyalty card. Using variable printing or etching, we can create loyalty or membership cards by adding your member’s name or member number. We can even create tiered memberships by using different finishes such as our rose gold finish or even add a custom cutout to help distinguish it. Our high quality stainless steel cards will not only look good but make your customer feel special. Etched Copper Metal Cards are a fabulous way to upscale your salon, beauty or barber brand.

How to make Etched Copper loyalty cards? Easy! Feel free to reach out to us or order our Metal Card Design Package and let our in-house design team create your ideal card.

Etched Copper Metal Business Cards Etched Copper Comb Metal Business Cards

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