Black Card Clearance

Black Card Clearance

Exclusive Black Card Clearance

Get the very best quality metal cards at the best price…

Get Luxurious Black Metal Business Cards Discounted During Our Black Card Clearance Event

Looking for a stylish and professional business card? Our black card clearance sale off our elegant brushed and matte black metal business cards for a limited time. Read on to learn why metal business cards in black make a sophisticated impression.

Introducing Our Black Card Clearance Sale

For high quality black metal business cards at an amazing price, now is the time to buy. We are currently hosting a black card clearance event, offering 20% off our exclusive brushed black and matte black metal business cards. Take advantage of this limited-time discount to get custom black cards for your company.

What Makes Black Metal Business Cards Unique

Black metal business cards stand out with their luxe, eye-catching color. The deep shade emanates confident professionalism and timeless elegance. Black works beautifully on our durable and long-lasting stainless steel cards. We precision etch each card to add visual intrigue and a tactile texture.

Black cards make a bold statement when exchanged at networking events, sales meetings, conferences and more. The color pairs well with any logo and pops against the brushed or smooth matte metal background.

MK BackgroundMetal Business Cards in Stainless Steel




Why Stainless Steel?

We use premium thick-gauge stainless steel to craft our business cards, unlike flimsy paper or plastic alternatives. This strong metal withstands daily use without bending, cracking, or losing sheen over time. Stainless steel cards convey quality and sophistication.

Our etching process creates precise designs and logos right into the durable steel surface. This results in crisp, consistent cards that feel substantial in the hand. Add an optional crosshatch pattern or logo etching for visual interest.

The Allure of the Black Card

black metal business card conveys elegance, exclusivity, and luxury. The deep, dark shade makes a dramatic statement against the brushed or matte metal background. Black cards stand out when exchanged at networking events, conferences, and sales meetings.

The black color emits confidence, professionalism, and style. It’s ideal for many industries including luxury brands, financial services, high-end real estate, and exclusive membership clubs or events. Black also pairs well with any color accents or logos.

Our Durable and Distinctive Metal Cards

We utilize premium stainless steel metal to create sleek black business cards with crisp, consistent etching. The durable material ensures long-lasting use without bending, cracking, or fading over time like plastic cards often do.

For an added unique touch, we can etch a crosshatch pattern or your logo into the black metal background. All orders include FREE surface etching into the card surface and FREE cut outs of any shape or pattern, if you’d like. This provides subtle visual interest and a tactile texture when running fingers over the card.

Stylish Brushed and Matte Finishes

Choose between our brushed black finish with subtle texture or smooth matte black finish. Both exude refinement.

  • Brushed black metal minimizes fingerprints for a low-maintenance look. The lightly textured surface also refracts light to conceal scuffs or scratches.
  • Matte black has a sleek, non-reflective surface. The muted finish provides an ultra-modern vibe.

Take Advantage of Clearance Black Metal Cards

Don’t miss this chance to save on our luxurious black business cards. Expires 07.20.23

We can produce your cards quickly with Expedited shipping also available. Design your own black metal business cards or use our design services. Contact us today!

MK BackgroundMetal Business Cards in Stainless Steel




Excludes package deals and promos, cannot be combined. Retail orders only.

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