Holiday Cards on Sale

Holiday Cards On Sale

Elevate Your Networking Impact:
Holiday Cards on Sale – Metal Business Cards

Transform Your First Impressions this Holiday Season

Cheap Metal Business Cards Holiday SaleThis holiday season, it’s time to revamp your networking toolkit with something extraordinary. Picture this: you’re at a bustling holiday mixer, exchanging contacts. But when you hand out your business card, it’s not just any card. It’s a sleek, sophisticated metal business card that catches the light and the attention of everyone around. Our exclusive Holiday Sale is here to make this scenario a reality, offering a stunning array of metal business cards at an unbeatable discount. Ready to be unforgettable?

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Unwrap the Holiday Special

Don’t miss our sparkling Holiday Sale, your chance to get hands-on with our premium metal business cards. Envision a range of finishes – matte, polished, and brushed – in eye-catching colors like black, copper, gunmetal, rose gold, and more. And guess what? They’re all available at a price that’s as friendly as your holiday budget. This is your golden opportunity to custom-design metal cards that reflect your business’s unique flair.

Why Metal Business Cards are a Game-Changer

Metal business cards are more than just a networking tool; they’re a statement. Our cards are crafted from top-notch stainless steel, boasting durability that outshines typical paper or plastic cards. Whether it’s the sleekness of polished metal or the understated elegance of matte, these cards are designed to make a lasting impression. Plus, they’re conversation starters. Imagine the intrigue when you hand over a card that’s cool to the touch and visually stunning.

Customize for Uniqueness

Want to add a personal spin? Our customization options let you etch your logo, choose unique cutouts, or even add crosshatch patterns. These details are not just visually appealing but create a tactile experience that makes your card memorable. And the best part? We offer complimentary etching and cutouts. It’s all about making your card as unique as your professional persona.

Choose Your Finish: Brushed, Polished, or Matte

Our selection includes brushed finishes that are practical and stylish, hiding fingerprints and minor scratches. Or, if you’re seeking something modern, our matte finish is known for its resilience. For those who love to shine, our polished metal option is your go-to.

Act Fast – Holiday Sale is Here! Enter coupon code at checkout.

This holiday, give yourself the gift of standout networking. But hurry, this offer is as fleeting as the season. We’re also throwing in expedited shipping to make sure your personalized metal cards arrive in time for all your holiday events. Interested? Reach out to us, and let’s design a business card that’s as remarkable as you are.

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FAQ: Your Metal Business Card Questions Answered

Q: What makes metal business cards a better choice? A: Metal cards are not only more durable but also exude a sense of luxury and professionalism that standard cards can’t match. They’re unique, memorable, and definitely a conversation starter.

Q: Can I customize my metal business card? A: Absolutely! From etching your logo to choosing specific cutouts and finishes, we offer a range of customization options to make your card uniquely yours.

Q: Are these cards prone to scratches and fingerprints? A: Our brushed and matte finishes are specifically designed to minimize fingerprints and mask minor scratches, ensuring your card always looks pristine.

Q: Is the ‘rose gold’ finish made of real gold? A: No, ‘rose gold’ and other color finishes are achieved through high-quality metal coatings that mimic the appearance of gold, providing a luxurious look without the hefty price tag.

Q: How long does it take to receive my order? A: We offer expedited shipping options to ensure timely delivery, especially during the busy holiday season. Contact us for specific timelines based on your customization needs – orders placed this week will arrive after Christmas however.


Mk BackgroundMetal Business Cards In Stainless Steel




Excludes package deals and promotions, cannot be combined. Offer valid for retail orders only. Expires 12/25/23

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