Memorial Day Metal Sale

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Memorial Day Business Card Sale – Get Your Best Price Today!

Hey, it’s Memorial Day, and at Metal Kards, we’re throwing a big sale on our stunning metal business cards. Why not get yours now?

Why Metal Kards Rocks

We’re all about creating super cool metal business cards that last forever. Our cards are tough and look amazing. Whether you prefer simple styles or intricate designs, we’ve got you covered. With our cards, everyone will see you’re serious about your business.

Mk BackgroundMetal Business Cards In Stainless Steel




Memorial Day Metal Card Sales Are Awesome

Giving someone a metal card is like handing them a little piece of wow! These cards aren’t just strong; they start conversations and make sure people remember you. Plus, choosing metal means you’re helping the planet by cutting down on paper waste. People don’t just throw these cards away; they keep them because they’re neat.

Making Your Card Is Easy-Peasy

Want to design your metal business card? It’s super easy with us. Choose our design package, and we’ll guide you through making the perfect card. Our design pros are here to help you find an awesome look that shows off what your business is all about.

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Any Industry Saves with Metal Kards

Our metal cards are more than just business cards. They’re your ticket to making lasting connections. Don’t miss out on this chance. Order now, and let’s make a business card that makes you stand out.

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*Coupon/Discounts Cannot Be Combined. Retail Metal Production Orders up to 5000qty only, excludes package deals. Expires 05.31.24