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Gold Business Cards Clearance

Gold Business Cards Clearance

Our Gold Business Cards Clearance Event

Get Luxurious Gold Metal Business Cards at a Great Discount

Snag Our Elegant Gold Metal Business Cards at a Discount During Our Gold Card Clearance Extravaganza!

In search of a chic and polished business card? Dive into our gold card clearance to grab our lavish brushed and matte gold metal business cards for a fleeting moment. Polished Gold is included too, where we can silkscreen black across the card for those Gold and Black Metal Cards. Keep scrolling to discover why gold metal business cards are the epitome of classy impact.

Unveiling Our Gold Card Clearance

For prime quality gold metal business cards at a jaw-dropping price, the moment is now. We’re throwing a gold card clearance fiesta, slashing 15% off our deluxe brushed gold, polished gold, and matte gold metal business cards. Seize this bargain to get your own custom, personalized gold cards for your venture.

Gold Business Cards Clearance

What’s So Special About Gold Metal Business Cards?

Gold metal business cards sparkle with their luxe, striking shade of gold colored plating. The dazzling hues radiate professionalism and elite status. We meticulously etch each card to inject visual charm.

Handing out Gold Business Cards at networking get togethers, promotional events, symposiums, and beyond, will make you stand out like no other. The color melds perfectly with any high class legacy and luxury brands.

Why Opt for Stainless Steel?

We sculpt our business cards from superior thick-gauge stainless steel, medical grade type 302 (when you feel a competitors cheaper stainless that bends easy, you’ll know). A stark contrast to fragile paper or plastic contenders. This robust metal resists daily wear without folding, snapping, or bending. Stainless steel cards speak volumes about quality and refinement.

Our etching technique imprints precise designs and logos directly onto the sturdy steel canvas, yielding sharp, uniform cards that feel significant in hand. We can etch into the card before plating, so that it’s engraved into the card with a beautiful gold hue. Then we silkscreen over the card with an ultra durable enamel ink, like paint made for metal in any PMS® color under the rainbow.

The Charm of Gold Metal Cards

A gold metal business card is synonymous with elegance, uniqueness, and luxury. The bright, radiant plated gold strikes a powerful chord against the polished, brushed or matte metal canvas, making them the stars at any event.

This shade of gold exudes confidence, proficiency, and flair. It’s a match made in heaven for diverse sectors including luxury labels, financial realms, premium real estate, and exclusive memberships, clubs, bars or nightclubs. Gold also harmonizes beautifully with any color highlights or logos.

MK BackgroundMetal Business Cards in Stainless Steel




Our Robust and Unique Gold Metal Business Cards

We start with premium stainless steel to forge sleek gold business cards with sharp, uniform etching. The sturdy material guarantees lasting use without compromising structure or color, unlike plastic cards.

For an extra dash of uniqueness, we can engrave a pattern or your emblem into the gold metal background. Or we can put in a unique cut out pattern, or even die cut your logo. Every order comes with complimentary surface etching and FREE cut-outs of any shape or pattern, adding a subtle visual twist and a tangible texture when grazed by fingers.

Elegant Polished, Brushed and Matte Textures

Pick between our polished high luster finish, our brushed gold finish with delicate brushstroke antique texture or smooth matte gold finish that has a gentle sheen and is very durable, all radiating sophistication.

Hop On the Gold Metal Cards Clearance!

Don’t let this opportunity to save on our lavish gold business cards slip away. Use coupon code at checkout to claim your discount. Expires Friday, September 29th 2023 at 11:59pm.

We can craft your cards swiftly, with expedited shipping available. Design your own gold metal business cards or employ our design services. Reach out to us pronto!

MK BackgroundMetal Business Cards in Stainless Steel




Questions You Might Have:

  1. Are these cards made of real gold? Nope! They only flaunt a dazzling gold hue on sturdy stainless steel.
  2. Can I design my card? Absolutely! You can design it or lean on our design services.
  3. Is there a difference between polished, brushed and matte finish? Yes! Brushed has a subtle texture and is great at hiding fingerprints, while matte offers a sleek, modern look. Polished is a mirror like finish that really shines, but it can show fingerprints easier.
  4. Is expedited shipping available? Sure is! Get your cards even faster with our expedited shipping option.

Remember, elegance is key in the business world, and what better way to represent your brand than with our gold metal business cards? Whether you prefer a polished or brushed finish that subtly refracts light or want a sleek matte look, we have you covered! Keep it classy, and let your business card do the talking!

*Excludes package deals and promos, cannot be combined. Retail orders only.

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