Labor Day Sale Metal Business Cards

Limited Time – Labor Day Sale

Metal Business Cards at the best prices…

Upgrade Your Networking Game with Premium Metal Business Cards

Are you on a quest for a hip and refined business card that nobody will forget? Look no further! Our exclusive Labor Day Sale is here, showcasing an impressive collection of metal business cards with matte, polished, and brushed finishes, all available at a 15% discount for a limited time. Ready to stand out in the networking arena? Metal cards are your ticket.

Presenting Our Special Labor Day Sale

Seize this golden chance to invest in our high-quality metal business cards. During this special Labor Day Sale, get our luxurious selection of matte, polished, and brushed metal cards in black, copper, gunmetal, rose gold, white, gold, silver, and more finishes. We have the best selection of cards and processes in the industry! This is the best opportunity to get customized metal cards for your business at an unbeatable price.

Labor Day Sale Metal Business Cards

The Charm of Metal Business Cards

Metal business cards are synonymous with luxury, attention to detail, and a strong professional presence. The gleaming shades of stainless steel we offer embody self-assurance, professionalism, and a classic allure. Meticulously etched and printed on durable stainless steel, each card features an engaging and tactile surface that leaves a lasting impact.

Make Your Mark with Metal

Picture yourself exchanging your metal card at professional events, sales meetings, and conferences – it’s a guaranteed conversation initiator. The striking metallic finish enhances any logo and contrasts beautifully against the matte or brushed metal backdrop.

MK BackgroundMetal Business Cards in Stainless Steel




Why Opt for Stainless Steel?

Our dedication to superior quality compels us to utilize top-tier thick-gauge stainless steel for the creation of our business cards. Contrary to fragile paper or plastic alternatives, our stainless steel cards withstand daily wear and tear without bending, cracking, or diminishing in luster. Through precise etching and enamel silkscreen colors, we craft sharp and uniform designs, resulting in cards that are not only visually appealing but also convey a sense of sophistication.

Customization for a Distinctive Flair

Add a personal touch to your metal card by incorporating optional crosshatch patterns or etching your logo into the background. We provide complimentary surface etching on the card, along with free cutouts of any shape or design, adding a subtle visual appeal and a mesmerizing tactile sensation when caressing the card.

Labor Day Sale Extended

Sophistication in Brushed, Polished, and Matte Plating

Select from our sophisticated brushed metal finish that effectively hides fingerprints and masks scuffs or scratches, or choose the sleek and contemporary matte metal finish known for its durability. Seeking the spotlight? Opt for our Polished Metal variant – all variants are visually stunning and are occasionally referred to as “rose gold”. Wondering about the difference? We use the term ‘colors’ to describe the appearance, so essentially, they are identical as they are not composed of real gold or metal but are coated with vibrant colored metal finishes to achieve a refined look!

MK BackgroundMetal Business Cards in Stainless Steel




Act Now – Labor Day Sale

This is the best time to invest in the sophistication and uniqueness of our metal business cards. This deal expired September 8th 2023.

We offer expedited shipping to ensure timely delivery of your personalized metal cards. Create your own metal business cards or leverage our design services. Contact us today!



Excludes package deals and promotions, cannot be combined. Offer valid for retail orders only.

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