Copper Card Sale

Copper Cards Sale

Limited Time – Weekend Copper Card Sale

Brushed Copper, Matte Copper, Polished Copper at the best prices…

Brushed Copper Metal Cards

Elevate Your Networking with Luxurious Copper Metal Business Cards

Looking to make a lasting impression with a stylish and sophisticated business card? Look no further than our exclusive Copper Card Sale, featuring stunning brushed copper, polished copper and matte copper metal business cards at discounted prices for a limited time. Looking to really up your look? Copper cards will set you apart in the world of networking.

Introducing Our Copper Card Sale

For a premium and distinctive business card that exudes elegance, now is the perfect opportunity to invest in our copper metal business cards. During our Copper Card Sale, enjoy a generous 20% discount on our exquisite brushed copper and matte copper cards. Or go for extra shine with our Polished Copper. Don’t miss out on this exceptional offer to get custom copper cards for your company.

The Allure of Copper Metal Business Cards

Copper metal business cards command attention with their luxurious and eye-catching appeal. The warm and radiant hues of copper exude confidence, professionalism, and timeless charm. Crafted with precision etching on durable stainless steel, each card offers a visually intriguing and tactile texture that leaves a memorable impression.

Make a Bold Statement with Copper

Imagine exchanging your copper card at networking events, sales meetings, and conferences – it’s an instant conversation starter. The captivating color of copper complements any logo and stands out brilliantly against the brushed or smooth matte metal background.

MK BackgroundMetal Business Cards in Stainless Steel





Why Choose Stainless Steel?

Our commitment to quality drives us to use premium thick-gauge stainless steel for crafting our business cards. Unlike flimsy paper or plastic alternatives, our stainless steel cards endure daily use without bending, cracking, or losing their sheen over time. With precise etching and enamel silkscreen colors, we create crisp and consistent designs, resulting in cards that feel substantial in the hand and convey sophistication.

Personalization for a Unique Touch

Personalize your copper metal card with optional crosshatch patterns or your logo etched into the background. We offer FREE surface etching into the card, as well as FREE cutouts of any shape or pattern, providing subtle visual interest and a captivating tactile experience when running fingers over the card.

Elegance in Brushed, Polished and Matte Finishes

Choose from our exquisite Brushed Copper finish, which minimizes fingerprints and conceals scuffs or scratches with its brushed surface, or opt for the sleek and modern matte copper finish that is very durable. Want to really shine? Get our Polished Copper – they all look beautiful, and sometimes are referred to as “rose gold” as well. What’s the difference? Well, we’re talking colors for reference of the look, so they’re basically the same as they aren’t made of real gold and copper but are plated with vibrant colored metal finishes to look exquisite!

Seize the Opportunity – Copper Card Sale

Now is the perfect time to invest in the elegance and exclusivity of our copper metal business cards. Use coupon code at checkout to redeem your discount.

With Expedited shipping available, we ensure prompt delivery of your custom copper cards. Design your own copper metal business cards or take advantage of our design services. Reach out to us today!

MK BackgroundMetal Business Cards in Stainless Steel




Excludes package deals and promotions, cannot be combined. Offer valid for retail orders only. Expires 07.31.23

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