Holiday Networking Tips

Holiday Networking with Metal Cards

The Holidays Are A Great Time to Mingle

Whether you have a holiday rush or not, don’t miss this opportunity to network.

This season, make sure you maximize your contacts for a positive swing to start 2018.  This is the time of year to maximize greeting cards, thank you cards, and holiday reward cards! We make them in Metal, of course!

Most people still love artfully crafted cards for the holidays. It’s amazing what you can make out of stainless steel. Whether you’ve worked with us before, or are new to the whole idea of Metal Kards, take advantage of these tips – and keep us in mind!

01. Get your list together of people to send holiday cards this month!

If you’re giving out gift cards, you want to get them to your customer with plenty of time for their holiday shopping. Aim to get these sent out before the end of November, so they have ample time to arrive.

02. Plan out how many parties and dinners you’ll attend

Always be ready for holiday events, and there’s always a chance to talk about something new in business. People ask, and what better an excuse than to give out your new Metal Business Card. Sure, you can have other things – but a cool new trinket is always a classic “check this out” conversation.

03. Ready up your networking supplies

Make sure if you’er going to be sending cards for the holidays, of any kind – you give ample time for design, production, and mailing. We can do variable etching, which is where we print a unique block of text – like their name and address, on every card or envelope. Please allow 2-3 weeks for greeting cards, business cards, or reward cards. A lot of people like to give out gift cards, where they each have a unique code but are in sets of denominations, $50, $100, $150, etc. All great ideas to send to your friends, customers, and leads!

04. Make sure you’re dressed for the occasion.

The biggest faux pas of any event, is being underdressed. You can always over dress any occasion. Be sure to check your wardrobe now for a couple ideas to “dress up” or “dress down” with unique items.

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