How To Make Creative Metal Cards

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Networking, leads, prospects. Traditionally a business card is a piece of paper stock with a person’s company information, including their name, address, website and phone numbers.

At social gatherings, conferences or meetings – people swap business cards so they have one another’s contact details available. Metal cards make your cards unique, and set you apart from the rest.

Metal Kards set out to be different, a great ice breaker and conversation piece…

Here’s some great tips for getting the most out of your business cards

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1 There ‘s a fair amount of creativity to consider when designing a metal business card. The content must be very clear and a good representation of the business and individual. When constructing a business card, check out the different formats that can be used. There are endless options from metallic texture, fonts, colors, and styles. The goal in the design is to make it a memorable card that ensures the person receiving will never forget it.

Design the card around the industry you’re in if you can. For example, if you are a bakery, consider creating cutout pastries on the design. If you need motivation, try to find items or ideas that are related to your industry. Ask anyone who is not associated with your business what comes to his or her mind.

2 If you can’t pull creative ideas from the industry, look at your logo of your company. Try and integrate the different colors or textures or shapes you have in the logo and incorporate them into the rest of the design. For instance, if your logo is a mouse, extend the tail longer than the card size.

The material of your metal card is an additional component that should be considered. There are several different types and color of metal to choose from. A popular idea is to have two different colors for the back side and the front side of your card. Your business card doesn’t have to be a typical shape either. The card can be folded or bent to create a 3D metal card.

Think of other ideas that really compliment who you are. An interesting idea for a toy shop owner would be to have their metal card cut into a puzzle, or toy.

3 A metal business card does not need to be completely solid either.

For example, if you are in the automotive industry, we can create a design that matches the mesh grill of your luxury vehicles.

Metal Cards can easily have a punch hole or a cutout for a unique look or stencil – included free with every card we make.

Consider printing a combination of details. You could start with a traditional card and add some other unique feature to it, like a bottle opener. If you operate in beauty or plastic surgery, we can mirror polish and etch the back side of the card to give that one-of-a-kind, captivating element – see yourself on your card!

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Key to Success

Business cards work best when the receiver saves and shares the card with others.

4 The more revolutionary your card is, the more customers are probably going to show it and pass it around. Business cards have been around forever and are an essential aspect of viral marketing to any business. It adds integrity to the company’s name and expertise. If you design your card well you give potential leads a cutting-edge reminder to use you or your companies services in the future.

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