Memorable Business Cards

Memorial Metal Card

Give everyone a special remembrance to treasure…

Make a special take-home card to immortalize the loved ones we want to remember.
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Holiday Networking with Metal Cards

The Holidays Are A Great Time to Mingle

Whether you have a holiday rush or not, don’t miss this opportunity to network.

This season, make sure you maximize your contacts for a positive swing to start 2018.  This is the time of year to maximize greeting cards, thank you cards, and holiday reward cards! We make them in Metal, of course! Read more

It’s National Handbag Day

What’s in your handbag?

National Handbag Day Oct 10

Make it worth sharing, worth talking about. Make it a Metal Kard.  A lot of people ask why we make business cards. Who even uses cards anymore, isn’t the world digital? Do you touch cellphones and bleep bleep your contact info, or just give out your cellphone number? Read more

Memorable Business CardsMemorable Business Cards!

Metal Kards last longer and win deals! For a limited time get memorable business cards.

We love our veterans! Thank you, for all you do and have done for us. So we’re giving away memorable business cards to celebrate. WLook, with marketing materials, you want to be remembered – a card people will certainly keep, and never throw away. Therefore, we make a card that doesn’t get bent or smeared, water resistant even. Yes, we make Metal Business Cards. Customers impression of a company or individual is absolutely important. First of all, there are no 2nd opportunities at an exceptional impact.

Most notably, the first time you hand out a memorable business card, you’ll be gladly astonished by the look of shock by your prospect. Don’t be surprised if they respond with “Where did you get these?!” When you have a memorable business card, you don’t should need to say a word. Hence, they most likely won’t either –being amazed is a common side effect to Metal Kards. People truly look them over when you give it to them; and we find they in fact keep it, as well. Make your card Memorable! Make it in metal!

Because of the fantastic response we’ve had from Genuine Steel Kards – we’re using an amazing discount to begin your success. In a day and  age where print items are hit-or-miss, these are the ruby in the ruff for offline advertising and marketing. Let’s be frank, typically a business card is inserted into a pocket, wrinkled then trashed – however! Showing your admiration for craft and high quality, Metal Kards are kept, checked out, and usually will be saved for a lifetime.

How many cards have you thrown away? Most of all, how many have you kept? Why did you keep them? Generally, it was an outstanding card, someone essential. A memorable business card is treasured. Important VIPs have Metal Business Cards.


Win more deals @ Tradeshows & Events

Tradeshow season is here, and the most memorable business cards win. Potential leads will meet a lot of people at a tradeshow or event, so you must be memorable. As a result, a lot will certainly forget the flimsy plastic pens and cheap paper cards most give out – our metal cards are around the same cost as promo items, and yet much more effective.

When you’re seeking the most memorable Business Cards, consider authentic stainless-steel Metal Kards.

* Coupon valid on retail orders just, not combinable with other deal. Please ask for restrictions as well as details.

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