Medical Urgent Care Business Cards

Urgent Care Business Cards

Evolve Your Medical Practice with Metal Cards

Medical Care Business Cards

Featuring Custom Cut Outs, Black Printing and Surface Etching

Designing Your Medical Urgent Care Business Cards

Crafting Metal Urgent Care Business Cards is simple. You can craft your own designs with a vector design application, or you can utilize our Design Package to work alongside expert designers. Ensure you include vital contact details and reflect the distinct character of your Medical Urgent Care Facility. Whether you choose expert help or the DIY route, our Metal Kard Design Template is an indispensable resource to steer you in the design journey.

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Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

Answers for Urgent Care Center Cards

Elevate your marketing strategy with Urgent Care Medical Metal Cards! Enhance your brand and effortlessly attract new customers. By distributing these elegant and professional membership cards, you immediately demonstrate your commitment to delivering exceptional service. Stand out from other Urgent Care Centers in your region with these captivating cards, leaving a lasting impression that truly counts!

Urgent Care Business Cards are set to either Credit Card size of 85mm x 54mm or US Standard size of 3.5″ x 2″. We start with Genuine Surgical Grade Stainless Steel, and create stunning printed cards that contain information about your cigar lounge or club. Typically, you’ll include your companies name, logo, contact information, and sometimes a brief description of the services you offer. Include the discounts and reward perks for being an exclusive member!

This is your big opportunity to impress clients, important customers, and VIPs! We can make special metal cards with discounts or rewards that will make customers really excited. They can get an amazing deal on special cigar sales, exclusive entry to your lounge, and additional membership benefits with their distinct membership card.

To begin, make sure to use a vector design program like Adobe® Illustrator. Check our guidelines, tolerances, and requirements in our FREE Metal Card Template, which provides the basic layout and options to kickstart your design!

At Metal Kards, our array of options includes thin to extra thick metal cards, with over a dozen color-plated finishes available, such as Silver, Black, White, Copper, and Gold. Whether you prefer a matte, polished, or brushed finish, we cater to all color varieties. Additionally, we specialize in metal card etching and engraving. For a touch of uniqueness, we offer various production techniques, including our standard engraved etching and the option to incorporate die-cut shapes and cut-outs in the design.

With our in-house design team located in Denver, Colorado, MetalKards™ offers an excellent opportunity to collaborate on your artwork through our discount Design Package, ensuring meticulous planning and flawless execution.

Metal Urgent Care Business Cards will turn heads and be saved by your customers – Typical cost is between $1-4 per card with etching, laser cutting, metal card printing and more.

We use genuine Medical Grade type #304 high quality stainless steel. Other companies may use lesser grades of stainless steel, which can bend easier and rust. We can also use Marine Grade #316 stainless steel, brass, and more.

Metal Kards are perfect for your Urgent Care Facility and Medical Care Center.

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