Deep Engraved Steel Cards

Steel deep engraved business cards

Evolve Your Steel Industry Cards with Deep Etching

Deep Engraved Steel Cards

Featuring Deep Etching, Prism Etching, and Standard Etching
with Etch + Fill Silkscreen Enamel Inks

Creating Custom Deep-Engraved Steel Business Cards is Easy with MetalKards™

You can create your own designs using a vector design application, or you can grab our Design Package to collaborate with professional designers. Common includes – incorporate essential contact details and convey the unique essence of your business, usually stating the core of “what you do” or offer. Whether you opt for professional assistance or prefer to do it yourself, our Steel Card Design Template is an invaluable tool to guide you through the design process. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

Answers for Deep Engraved Steel Cards

With our engraving techniques, we offer our “standard etching” which is a surface engraving approximately 10% into the surface of the card. However for ultra DEEP Engraving, we’ll etch ~50% into the depth of the cards. The thicker the card stock, the thicker we can go. The only two considerations is we need a 1mm minimum for artwork to allow the deepness, and we can only do the process on one side of your cards. This works great on your logo or slogan in big bold type!

Boost your brand with our special Steel Membership Cards! Create the ultimate Business Cards. These are better than wood, paper, plastic and anything you can think of. They can help make your brand stand out and bring in more people easily. When folks see these sleek and polished cards, they’ll see that you’re serious about quality! Stand out from the rest and make sure people remember you. Giving out these cards is a great way to make a strong first impression!

Our Steel Cards are made in two sizes: Credit Card size, which is 85mm x 54mm, or US Standard size, which is 3.5″ x 2″ or 89m x 51mm. We use millimeters for the ultimate precision. We also use real, high-quality Stainless Steel to make awesome printed cards with information about your place. Competitors using cheaper grades of steel, even if it’s stainless. Don’t forget to mention the special deals and cool stuff people get for being a special member or contacting you on your card!

This is your chance to wow your clients, big customers, and special guests! We can make special steel cards that offer discounts or rewards that will make customers super happy. They can get great deals on special sales, special access to your place, and more perks with their unique membership card or your business card! Think of what you can offer besides your contact info, and we can even add QR codes!

To begin, make sure to use a vector design program like Adobe® Illustrator. Check our guidelines, tolerances, and requirements in our FREE Metal Card Template, which provides the basic layout and options to kickstart your design!

At Metal Kards, we have lots of choices! You can choose from thin to very thick metal cards, and we have many color finishes like Silver, Black, White, Copper, and Gold. Whether you like a matte, shiny, or brushed look, we can apply those options to any finish. We are also experts in etching and engraving on metal cards. To make your cards unique, we have different techniques, like our standard engraving and options for special shapes and cut-outs in the design. Including of course our Deep Engraving which we call Deep Etching, or Deep Etch+Fill with silkcreen colors.

Metal Kards are perfect for your Steel Business with Deep Engraving.

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