Vip Gaming Silver Business Cards

Vip Gaming Silver Playing Cards

VIP Gaming Silver Playing Cards

Natural Stainless Steel with our Premium Standard Etching across the majority of the background, with black silkscreen and custom cut out VIP characters.

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About VIP Gaming Silver Metal Playing Cards

These Silver Metal Playing Cards feature a really unique look – we’ve combined our Matte Silver Stainless Steel with etching the majority of the background, so that the goat heads and lettering stands out. We created a very nice effect by cutting out the inside of the “VIP” characters on the card. The goat icons look raised, by etching around them. Finally, we printed durable black silkscreen for the companies name on the playing card.

Why You Should Get Silver Metal Playing Cards

If you’re looking to build a deck of metal playing cards, for example perhaps you want to create metal poker cards – we can absolutely make these for you! Upgrade from your boring old paper playing cards, and replace them with something that will last longer and look better, like these Stainless Steel VIP Gaming Cards. Our high quality, satin like finished stainless steel and etching will add touch of luxury to your Gaming Brand. Keep an ace up your sleeve, with stainless steel playing cards.

How to make Gaming Metal Playing Cards?

You can easily get in touch with us, or order our Metal Card Design Package so our in-house Design Team can create your own custom metal playing cards. We can make metal cards on a variety of thicknesses, finishes, and custom colors to get exactly what you’d like. Check our online store to start your order.

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