Qr Codes On Metal Cards

QR Codes

We can make QR Codes on Metal Cards in printing and plating for your next project, Learn more about QR Code Metal Cards here.
About Metal Kards

Newport Beach Film Festival Metal VIP Cards

The World Premiere is April 21st, 2016 when the Newport Beach Film Festival will show more than 350 films from around the world in the city of Denver, Colorado. We provided their VIP exclusive patrons with a memorable take-away and well received prize - the NBFF 2016 Metal VIP Card.
Shiny Gold Metal Cards

How To Make Creative Metal Cards

Metal business cards, like all business cards. are used in connecting with other companies. Traditionally a business card is a piece of paper stock with a person's company information, including their name, address, website and phone numbers. At social gatherings, conferences or meetings – people swap business cards so they have one another's contact details available. Metal cards make your cards supercharged. Learn how to make creative metal cards, here.
Black And White Metal Cards

3D Black and White Metal Cards

Black and white metal cards have emerged as a stylish and captivating alternative to typical business cards. If you are looking for a distinct and creative way to establish yourself from competitors, then this is the card for you. Discover the advantages of metal business cards to determine they are worth the investment.
Brushed Gold Business Cards

Gold Business Cards

Gold Finish Business Cards You've searched for them and now the best finish available, short of going with real gold, is now available! Our Gold Finish Business Cards are a brass metallic finish that looks just like real gold![layerslider…
Copper Metal Business Cards

3D Copper Metal Cards

Copper Metal Cards have really emerged as a stylish and distinctive alternative to traditional business cards. If you are truly seeking a one-of-a-kind and bold way to set yourself apart from the competition, then these cards are for you. Learn the benefits of copper metal business cards!
Polished Chrome Metal Business Cards

Polished Chrome Metal Business Cards

Polished Chrome Metal Business Cards are the high end elegant option for any Executives arsenal. You're a marketing king,  a networking afficianado, and not just "anyone" can get your card. You only hand out to the real deals, and when you…