The White Metal Business Card

One of the most unique cards on the market, our White Metal Business Cards are a customer favorite. We use only the best stainless steel for only the best metal business cards, in brilliant white finish. Let the steel show through, here’s a card we did with brushed stainless steel underneath a layer of white silkscreen.

How do we make white metal business cards?

Setup your artwork, or we’ll make your artwork for you, with a full coating of white finish ink over the stainless steel – a great combination with brushed silver finish cards. When you let areas of the white show through, you’re using the inverse of the white metal and can show the brushed or silver stainless finish underneath.

Professional white metal business cards designed to order

At our core, we’re great designers. Our company is built around the belief that an effective business card invokes emotion, and appreciation of the card holder. Our dedicated creative department has years of experience, developing bespoke, greatly unique business card styles utilizing cutting-edge materials.

White Metal Business Cards

MK BackgroundMetal Business Cards in Stainless Steel



White Metal Business Cards
Black And White Metal Cards

Color Printing on White Metal Business Cards

A great way to make your cards really stand out, is to use our Silkscreen Printing. We use special ink, made for metal, and in most cases we can surface etch the cards first, then apply the ink into the recession so it is ultra resilient! To set this up, just ensure each color is not touching other colors! We call this etch + fill.

Silkscreen Printing is (1) one solid color – like on t-shirts and old posters. If you want to print shadows, gradients, and fades use full color (CMYK) printing.

Can we print in full color (CMYK) on White Metal Cards?

We absolutely can, and our White Metal Business Cards are the best surface for this! If you want to print a photo, gradients, or any JPG, GIF, PNG, etc. that is not vector art, this is how we do it!

Note that our full color is on a hard metal surface, so it comes out more like an old magazine – paper absorbs ink to blend it smooth, and then generally a UV gloss or matte / satin finish is applied over it, which we can’t reproduce photo quality prints in metal for this. With that said, our full color printing has a great look and feel, and is high quality – with a slight industrial, old school craftsman feel. You can request full color samples here!

How do you define your colors for metal cards – RGB, CMYK, HEX, Pantone®?

We can help you convert any color to get the right match – in our cart, we have an easy color selector for the HEX code, but for our printing world we do prefer to use Pantone® color codes. The company has a well put together book online you can order, so you can see on printed paper what the color looks like (rather than on your digital screen. All screens will show colors differently, and many today shift colors for the room around you!)

Send us your Pantone® color in the order notes if you have it, or we’ll be happy to help you select the right color from a HEX, RGB, or CMYK code!

Specialty Etching & Processes on White Metal Cards

We offer a number of precision specialty options – our prism etching and frosted etching are unique textured etching that can cover the entire card, or just parts of the card, like your logo. Our deep etching is cut 50% into the card, so you can make a logo or design really stand out!

Can we do variable data numbers and individual names?

Yes we can! We can do laser etching and printing with variable data – just supply us with a CSV or XLS spreadsheet for your cards. On white metal cards, the laser etching comes out silver, but we can silkscreen a black block to etch into, like a signature pad, or we can even do variable printing to put each name in black. The minimum is 50qty, and we don’t do individual card fulfillment (if you wanted to add members as they join, one card at a time, sorry it is too cost prohibitive for us to do).

What about VIP White Metal Cards and Membership White Metal Cards?

We absolutely can create your gift card, membership card, or VIP card from our white metal business cards. You can add a magnet backing for file cabinets and fridges, or you can get a credit card style magnetic stripe. We can etch or silkscreen signature blocks, on white if you do a textured etching and leave the white block as the regular white finish, that can be a creative way to mock up a signature block on white cards. Sign with a sharpie, avoid expiration dates but rather add the year issues as a “member since” and keep membership via your POS, CRM, or even an Excel Spreadsheet. When customers have a special card, they like to show their friends! It’ll be the best investment for under a few dollars per customer – then you can have “cardholder days” for discounts or free food, or a special gift if they come in that day!

White Metal Business Card
Metal Card Thickness